Rep. D’Esposito to Newsmax: New Yorkers Fed Up With Biden

Rep. Anthony D’Esposito, R-N.Y., told Newsmax on Tuesday that the “pendulum has been swinging Republican” in New York’s Nassau County because voters are “fed up with the way Democrats are governing.”

Although D’ Esposito is seen as a vulnerable Republican in the upcoming election due to how heavily President Joe Biden carried his district, the congressman said Biden’s failed leadership has caused voters to rethink their allegiances.

“I think that we can all agree that when you ask yourself are you better off today than you were four years ago, the answer is no,” D’Esposito said on “American Agenda.” “Crime is through the roof, we have historic open borders, our economy has had more downs than ups. and people are unhappy with the way that Joe Biden is handing this country.”

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